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V Vikraman

Head - Vehicle Mechanical Systems at Mahindra

Tony Spagnuolo

Vice President Business Development at VI-grade

Vince Van

Technical Manager China at VI-grade

Alastair Evanson

Head of Commercial & Business Development - ASSURED CAV at HORIBA MIRA

Jens Dornhege

Technical Specialist EPAS Features and Functions at Ford Werke GmbH

Stefan Plaettner

Research Associate at Technische UniverstΓ€t Dresden

Gabriele Fichera

Co-Founder BE CAE & Test

Flavio Farroni

Co-Founder & CEO at MegaRide

Colin Novak

Engineering Professor & Acoustician at University of Windsor

Christopher Mills

NVH Manager at Hyundai Europe Technical Center

Glenn Pietila

Subject Matter Expert - Propulsion System Sound Quality at General Motors

Roberto De Vecchi

Product Development Manager at VI-grade

Christoph Ortmann

Vice President HiL at VI-grade

Kevin Marion

Vehicle Dynamics Engineer at Multimatic Inc.

Peter D'Urso

Vehicle Dynamics Engineer at Multimatic Inc.

Sergio Matteo Savaresi

Professor at Politecnico di Milano

Peter Stoker

Chief Engineer - Connected and Autonomous Vehicle at UTAC

Claudio Annicchiarico

CEO at Meccanica 42

Marco Fainello

Executive Director / CTO at Addfor S.p.A / Danisi Engineering

Alfredo Corollaro

R&D Coordinator Real Time & Vehicle Modeling Solutions at Bridgestone EMIA

Giuseppe Sgoluppi

Vehicle Dynamics: Simulation and Performance Analysis at Automobili Lamborghini

Rutger Uil

Vehicle Dynamics Engineer T&PS Product Development at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Guido Tosolin

Senior Manager Chassis Development and Vehicle Dynamics at Applus+ IDIADA

Lucas Bruck

Ph.D Candidate at McMaster University

Henrik Hvitfeldt

Ph.D Student at Royal Institute of Technology

Carl Sandberg

Manager Vehicle Dynamics CAE at Volvo Cars

Dario Marrafuschi

Head of Product at Pirelli Tyre

Bob Ryan

President at Virtual Test Division

Guido Bairati

Managing Director at VI-grade

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VI-grade is a leading provider of real-time simulation and professional driving simulator solutions that accelerate product development across the transportation industry. The company’s driving simulators range from static deskside solutions to full-scale driver-in-the-loop dynamic simulators, allowing OEMs, suppliers, research centers, motorsport teams and universities to reduce physical prototypes and accelerate innovation.


Applus+ IDIADA

Your Development Partner

Danisi Engineering

Driving the future


applied vehicle research


Feel the Vehicle Model

Rebel Dynamics

Rebel Dynamics


Visualization Solutions for Driving Simulators

Concurrent Real-Time

High-performance Real-time Hardware and Software Solutions for Mission-critical Applications


HORIBA MIRA is a global provider of automotive engineering, research and test services, with over 75 years of experience in developing some of the world’s most iconic vehicles.


HPC Built For The Cloud

Smart Eye

See further with the global leader in Human Insight AI.

3D Mapping Solutions

High-quality kinematic surveying.

BeamNG GmbH

State-of-the-art, real-time, soft-body physics driving simulation

cosin scientific software AG

Full Tire Dynamics in Real-Time. GmbH

ProjectionTools - The toolkit for your perfectly matching projections

Fraunhofer ITWM

Fraunhofer ITWM - CDTire

Konrad Technologies


Meccanica 42

The Future-Enabling Answer


Projection Software. Automatic warping and blending for multiple projectors.


Empowering an autonomous future


Managing Director


SCREENLINE - Projection screen

Stackpole Engineering Services

Global Supplier of Engineering Services, Virtual Models and Software Solutions

IPG Automotive GmbH



Driving Simulation

BE CAE & Test

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