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Joe'l Simone Maldonado

The Grave Woman

Ben Janzen


Jamie Eaddy

Thoughtful Transitions

Amanda Meeks

Permanent Legacy Foundation

Crystal Webster

Sharing Solace

We are a collaboration of heart-centered and compassionate team of community leaders connecting with a worldwide audience illuminating the process of dying and death. We provide innovative ways to create action plans for life, love, celebration, dying, death and grief. It's time to expand awareness and encourage meaningful conversations for our end of this life journey.


The Next Room

Jane Asher is an Author and Podcaster of The Next Room- "Where Death is Dinner Conversation"

The Grave Woman

I am here to help you plan for death and navigate grief

VITAS Healthcare

When quality of life matters most - Hospice is our Specialty

Beautiful Dying, LLC

This is the only moment we have, make it the most precious moment you've got


IVAT links practice, policy research and advocacy to end violence

Permanent Legacy Foundation

Make it permanent. Create, curate, and collaborate on living archives for yourself, your family, and your community.

Living/Dying Project

Imagine Living Life Without Fear

When You Die

Resources, Podcasts, Social Media, and More!

Thoughtful Transitions

Cultivating A World Where Compassionate And Equitable Deathcare And Grief Support Are Available For All.