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2021 URBACT City Festival

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Janet Ågren

Deputy Mayor of Umeå (Sweden)

Nathalie Van Loon

Radu Vanturache

Constanta ALT/BAU

Rebeka Szabó

Deputy Mayor of Zugló - 14th district of Budapest (Hungary)

Jordi Mazón

Deputy Mayor for Ecological Transition, Mobility and Waste Collection in Viladecáns (Spain)

Tjaša Ficko

Deputy mayor of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Ricardo Rio

Mayor of Braga (Portugal)

Aziza Akhmouch

Head of the Cities, Urban Policies and Sustainable Development Division in the OECD

Kate Raworth

Renegade economist focused on making economics fit for 21st century realities

Debbie Bell

HOME Association

Magdalena Skiba

City of Gdansk (Poland)

Michał Pielechowski

City of Gdansk (Poland)

Erica Albarello

Torino Urban Lab (Italy)

Nils Scheffler

ALT/BAU Lead Expert

Adele Bucella

URBACT Secretariat

Alice Fauvel

URBACT Secretariat


Municipality of Altea (Spain)

Maria Giulia Longhini

Municipality of Mantua (Italy)

Nicola Masella

Municipality of Naples (Italy)

Kristijan Radojčić

URBACT Secretariat

Nóra Laki

Municipality of Hegyvidék - 12th district of Budapest (Hungary)

virginie picard squizzato

Clermont Ferrand Metropole

Guadalupe Penas

City of Esplugues (Spain)

Magnus Jacobson

Swedish organisation for regions and municipalities, SKR

Agata Schmidt

Association of Municipalities and Counties of Central Subregion of the Silesia Region

Karen K Burns

Co-Founder and CEO of Fyma

Maruška Markovčič

Municipality of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Tracey Johnson

Leader of all things digital ecosystem at Barnsley DMC (UK)

Jenny Koutsomarkou

URBACT Secretariat

Irina Gomes

LOCALS Association

François Jégou

BioCanteens Lead Expert

João Martins

LOCALS Association

Gunnild de Ridder

Municipality of Aarhus (Denmark)

Gonçalo Folgado

LOCALS Association

Soraya Axelsson

Head of the H22 initiative at the City of Helsingborg

Léa Retournard

Métropole Européenne de Lille

Katarzyna Przyjemska-Grzesik

Municipality of Krakow (Poland)


Municipality of Rome (Italy)

Laura Colini

URBACT Programme Expert

Marion Cugnet

Cugnet Consulting

Maria Tiilikkala

Municipality of Espoo (Finland)


Municipality of Manchester (UK)

Giovanni Ferrero

Municipality of Turin (Italy)

Enric Aragonès Jové

Municipality of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Spain)

Jordi Jet Serra Morales

City of Manresa (Spain)

Heike Mages

German Association for Housing, Urban and Spatial Development in Berlin​ (Germany)

Stefania Pascut

Municipality of Udine (Italy)

Javier Ors

Municipality of Bilbao (Spain)

François Gallaga

European Commission

Julien Lambert

URBACT Secretariat

Andrea Reimer

Former City Councillor of Vancouver (Canada)

Haroon Saad

City of Brussels (Belgium)

Mireia Sanabria

ON BOARD Lead Expert

liat rogel

ROOF Lead Expert

nathalie van helvoort

Municipality of Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Katalin Bunyevácz

ALT/BAU Ad-hoc Expert

Miguel Correia de Brito

Municipality of Lisbon (Portugal)

Göran Nilsson

General Manager at Ingka Services AB (IKEA)

Máté Ábrahám

Municipality of Ujbuda (Hungary)

Sandra Rainero

ONSTAGE Lead Expert

Maria Tiilikkala

Municipality of Espoo (Finland)

Inês Veiga

LOCALS Association

Jose Costero

Municipality of Pamplona (Spain)

Maruška Markovčič

Municipality of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Tina Lisac

City of Idrija (Slovenia)

Klemen Strmšnik

BeePathNet Lead Expert

Thibaud Lalanne

Municipality of Mouans-Sartoux (France)

Alexandra Tsatsou

Municipality of Piraeus (Greece)

Sally Kneeshaw

URBACT Programme Expert

Ferenc Szigeti

Come in! Lead Expert

Matthew Baqueriza-Jackson

Making Spend Matter Lead Expert

Fernando Rosa

Portuguese Directorate-General for Territory - EU Presidency

Ivan Tosics

URBACT Programme Expert

Eddy Adams

URBACT Programme Expert

Daniele Terzariol

Deputy Mayor for San Dona di Piave

Ruth Essex

Rumourless Cities Lead Expert

Marina Jarque Fernández

Municipality of Viladecans (Spain)

Ileana Toscano

Playful Paradigm Lead Expert

Katrin Parve

Municipality of Tallinn (Estonia)

Sian Sanders

Municipality of Cardiff (UK)

Joanna Brzezińska

Municipality of Lodz (Poland)

Emmanuel Moulin

URBACT Secretariat

Martin Neubert

Municipality of Chemnitz (Germany)

Céline Ethuin

URBACT Secretariat

Nouhaila Bouhout

URBACT Secretariat

Karolina Medwecka-Piasecka

Municipality of Birmingham (UK)

Marcelline Bonneau

URBACT Programme Expert

Petra Marčinko

City of Dubrovnik (Croatia)

valentin Mousain

Métropole Européenne de Lille

Marian Counihan

Municipality of Groningen (Netherlands)

Elena Giovannini

City of Cesena (Italy)

Giulietta Fassino

Urban Center Torino (Italy)

Levente Polyak

ACTive NGOs Lead Expert

Andre Acosta

Municipality of Aveiro (Portugal)

Tiago Ferreira

Municipality of Amarante (Portugal)

Alisa Aliti Vlasic

City of Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Daniela Patti

Com.Unity.Lab Lead Expert

Peter Wolkowinski


Petra Srdínková

City of Pardubice (Czech Republic)

Nuala Morgan

URBACT Secretariat

Clémentine Gravier

URBACT Secretariat

Rita Szerencses

Municipality of Ujbuda (Hungary)

Alison Partridge

Tech Revolution Lead Expert

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URBACT is the exchange and learning European Territorial Cooperation programme that drives change for better cities. Ever since 2002, the programme helps cities to develop pragmatic solutions that are new, sustainable and that integrate economic, social and environmental urban topics. It is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Member and Partner States. For more information, check

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The URBACT Programme helps cities finding tailored solutions and tools to face urban challenges, using peer-to-peer methods across Europe and bringing positive change at local level. Come see for yourself some of the wealth the programme has produced during our live sessions: the Toolbox, Right2Housing, localising SDGs in cities... and much more!

National URBACT Points

National URBACT Points provide information and communicate on URBACT in EU countries in their native languages

Wellbeing tent

🧘‍♀️Yoga, 👨‍🍳cooking, 💃dance... meet the URBACT team and have fun with relaxing activities


We help make cities sustainable.

YEP Programme - European Committee of the Regions (CoR)

The Community for young elected local and regional politicians

Urban Agenda for the EU

Working together for better cities

ASToN Network

ASToN network brings 11 African cities together to develop digital practices in order to create sustainable & inclusive cities


The European network for medium-sized cities


Urban Innovative Actions - The Urban Lab of Europe !


The Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities (RFSC)


The power of civic ecosystems. How community spaces and their networks make our cities more cooperative, fair and resilient


ALT/BAU – Reactivating vacant residential buildings - Join us for further information at our "life sessions" at 16.6. at 11.15 and 12:30!


Sustainable school meals as a stepping stone towards an ecosystemic city food project


Starting up the Blue Economy!


Your city in your pocket!


Arts and culture leading climate action in cities

Civic eState: pooling Urban commons

Network results: new models of urban co-governance based on the commons

Come in!

Talking Houses - Shared Stories


Empowering Local Development


Everyone's an innovator

Making Spend Matter

Changing Procurement - Changing Cities


Come and meet ON BOARD cities!


Music schools for social change

Playful Paradigm

Play for inclusive, healthy and sustainable cities


Tackling long term decline in smaller cities


Prevent Discrimination, Strengthen Cohesion

Tech Revolution

Working together to maximise the job creation potential of digital


We are weaving a collaborative cities together with our residents.

Volunteering Cities

Volunteers connect cities, from compassion to action


Enriching the Urban Jungle with Bees and an invitation TO YOUR CITY to join the Bee-friendly movement