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2021 KCIA Global Leadership Summit

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John Anderson

Mentor and Facilitator

Wende Jones


Carlton Reed

Co-host, Facilitator


Mentor and Facilitator

Dennis Wiedrick

Facilitator and Mentor

Johnny Enlow


James Autry

Facilitator and Mentor

Dave Hodgson

CEO, Business Mentor and Sheep Nation Builder

Rabon Johnson

Session Monitor

The event is over

Kingdom Congressional International Alliance believes reformers will create a global cultural shift towards Godly values and we will witness the forming of sheep nations. At Kingdom Congressional International Alliance, our assignment is to raise up five-fold leaders to take their position as sons and daughters and govern with God's wisdom, insight, understanding, and logic – bringing heaven to earth – and fulfilling the great commission throughout the world. As it was said of the apostles in the book of Acts "these men were everywhere," likewise we believe that KCIA's members should be found everywhere in our society, infusing and reforming it with the culture of heaven. Our mission is to mentor, train, equip, and deploy five-fold leaders throughout the world into their God-given assignments in their spheres of influence. Through the training of biblical principles and synergistic collaboration, we raise up and deploy leaders who bring forth reformation everywhere.