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Paul Cooney

Ogle County Solid Waste Management, Solid Waste Management Inspector

Walter Willis

Solid Waste Agency of Lake County, Executive Director

Sarah Mummel

Coles County Regional Planning, GIS Technician and Recycling Coordinator

Dave Wilms

Sun Peak Power, Senior Project Developer

Tracey Steffes

City of Morris Fire Department, Fire Chief

Olivia Pasol

Tazewell County Health Department, Waste Diversion Coordinator

Mary Allen

Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County, Recycling and Education Director

Sydney Harris

Product Stewardship Institute, Policy & Programs Manager

Dave Hirschler

ERI, Senior Director of Sustainability & Legislative Compliance

Lee-Tan Lu

ERI, Improve Resources Circularity/ Environmental Specialist

Paul Eisenbrandt

Illinois EPA, Bureau of Land, Regional Manage

James Jennings

Illinois EPA Waste Reduction and Compliance Section, Manager

Arthur Mohr

Sniffer Robotics, Founder and CEO

Marlin Hartman

Kendall County Health Department Solid Waste Coordinator

Becky Brodsky

Seven Generations Ahead, Zero Waste Schools Consultant

Peter Adrian

Solid Waste Agency of Lake County, Recycling Coordinator

Scott Cassel

Product Stewardship Institute, Executive Director

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The annual ILCSWMA Conference is the premier event for Illinois solid waste management practitioners. No matter if you are a planner, inspector, educator, facility operator, or an elected official... The ILCSWMA Conference will benefit you and your organization.

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