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2021 Black Writers On Tour Virtual Book Fair and Tech Expo

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We consult with and market start-up businesses.

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Brittney LeBlue

~30 Days of Truth~ Guided Journal with Poetic Undertones

Dr. Franco Taylor-Right Stuff Health Systems

Natural Health Products

Black Women Network

Since 1979, Black Women's Network has been a beacon in the greater Los Angeles.

Prothymos Technologies, LLC


Revenue Boomers

Revenue Boomers is a Boston digital marketing agency that provides affordable social media marketing services.

Ardena Brooks-Designs by Ardena

Photographic Art and Graphic Design

Paparazzi Accessories $5 Bling

Paparazzi Accessories $5 Bling

Dr. Rosie Milligan's Hair World

Black Hair is a billion dollar industry, learn how to get your piece of it now.

Dr. Gloria Milow - MG’s Publishing Company

Spiritual Seduction, Moments of Meditation, and 25 Ways to Respect You and Me (written in 5 languages)

Norma T. Hollis- Speaker/Coach

The Process To Become A Professional Speaker by Norma T. Hollis- Speaker/Coach

Andrea Phillips

Andrea Phillips

Tymeka Coney

Tymeka Coney

Deborah Thorne - The Information Diva

Deborah Thorne - The Information Diva

Denise Willoughby, Author

Book Title: Satan You’re Trespassing

Jasmine Evans, Author

Book Title: Listen For Echo

Military Mom on a Mission - Million Heir-Williams

Military Mom on a Mission: "An Advocate for Mental Health", Becoming #1 International Best Seller!

Dr. Andrea A. Anthony

“Are You Having Unprotected Phone Conversations?”

Black Writers On Tour 2020 T-shirts

Order Yours Today !

Treasure Owens, Financial Expert

Look at our Financial Workshop Video

Barbara Lindsey - Dr. George Fraser

Dr. George Fraser's upcoming event Power Networking Conference.

Thomas “TJ” Loftin

Monetizing Gentrification: Building Black Ownership by Thomas “TJ” Loftin

Mr. Brent Mandolph II

FAITH(APPLIED) 8 Principles for Activating the Miracle Making Power of the Universe

Retired NFL Players Congress

Apparel manufacturing and largest licensed manufactures of jackets in the USA owned by former NFL players.

Dr. Cherlyn Lee - Nu Wellness Healthcare

Dr. Cherilyn Lee is an integrative trail blazer, a healer, wellness advocate, author, entrepreneur and founder of the NuWellness Healthcare Center.

Consolidated Board of Realtist

In 1949African American real estate brokers formed their own group.

Yolanda Gilliam –Gilliam Publishing House

Honoring The First Lady of The Ministry

Shanaya Daughtrey-Daughtrey Publishing

Book Title: Generation Z

Linda Coleman-Willis, Business Development For

Book: Loving Yourself First by Linda Coleman-Willis

Niema Peyrefitte

The Gift of Victory, More Than Conquerors by Niema Peyrefitte

Chef Nikko

I take organic, vegan & raw food elements to their greatest level of metabolizing human health.

Margo Lovett

Her Business Her Voice Her Reinvention

Cleon Joseph- CJFF Publishing

Book Title: Navigating Through The Valleys of Success

Maxine Thompson, Author

Book Title: LA Blues

Dr Rosie Milligan, Senior Estate Planner


The Business Zone

Radio & Online Show Crystal and Gilbert

A Family of Authors

New Releases - New Books by 17 yr old Rachel and 15 yr old Naomi.

BWOT Global Learning Academy

We are bringing online access to the underserved.

Crystal Mitchell-Recycling Black Dollars

Business Consulting Networking & PR, Social Media

Sophonia Shield-S.A.S.E

S.A.S.E. "( pronounced "sassy") Wraps: Wraps/Shawls/Head Wraps/Sox/Repurposed Clothing

Winona Sholes-My Princess House

Guess what? Princess House makes all things possible!

Tommie Hayden-My Econ

Financial Services

Lynn Moses-The Burks Company

General Contractor (Remodeling), Landscape Drought Tolerance

Coralean Chavis- iBuumerang

Travel, Cruise and Vacation Packages

Sold Out Connections Marketing

Marketing and consulting for high profile events.

Alpha Consultants and Estate Planners

Estate Planning, Living Trust, Income Taxes and Credit Consulting

Gwendolyn Marshall-Howze

What Will You Allow to Abide in Your House? by Gwendolyn Marshall-Howze

Los Angeles Black Business Expo

Join us November 27th - Buy Black on Black Friday

Join us on Veterans Day, November 11th Saluting Community Heroes Telethon.

LC Green and Associates Tax Services

The most trusted name in Tax and Accounting