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1921-2021: 100 years with and without Kropotkin

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Sergey Saitanov

The definition of anarcho-reformism by Peter Kropotkin

Shaun Pitt

The Kropotkin Papers and the personal networks of Piotr Kropotkin

William Godfrey


Tomas Pewton

OrganicLea: Mutual Aid in Practice

Constance Bantman

Kropotkin and his friendship with Jean Grave

Zoe Baker

Kropotkin’s Definition of Anarchism

Christopher Coquard

Marie Goldsmith: “Titan of Anarchism”

Natalia Portnova

Dmitrov letters of P. Kropotkin

Claudia Firth

Covid-19 Mutual Aid Groups


Kropotkin's Law of Mutual Aid: An Evolutionary Perspective

Mark Losoncz

Kropotkin and the Social Physiology of Value

Nikolay Gerasimov

The World War Problem: P. Kropotkin and G. Maximov

Shangshang Wang

Making Sense of Plants and Animals: Intellectual Dynamics of Sino-Japanese Evolutionary Imagination, 1906-1945

James Willis

Kropotkin’s Abolition of Fear: Imagining a Mystical Anarchy after Religion

David Saunders

Kropotkin, the Logishin Affair, and the Case for Anarchism

Ole Sandberg

Finding Satisfaction in Life: Kropotkin on Human Nature, Morality, and Joy

Lara Green

Kropotkin, Age, and the Russian Revolutionary Movement in the Transatlantic Imagination

Michael Grooff

The Engine of Mutual Aid: Kropotkin’s Bipartite Account of Sympathy

Pascale Siegrist

Kropotkin's World

Dmitrii Ivanov

"Applause from the Right": P. A. Kropotkin as Anarchists' Enemy, Summer 1917

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