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ASC Virtual Conference and Awards Ceremony

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MITEF Pan Arab

MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) Pan Arab is part of a global network of chapters dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation worldwide.


MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab

MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) Pan Arab is part of a global network of chapters dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation worldwide.

Community Jameel | Founding Partner

A global philanthropy committed to creativity, entrepreneurship, technology and youth

KAUST | Innovation Partner

KAUST is a catalyst for innovation, economic development and social prosperity in Saudi Arabia and the world.

Zain | Digital Partner

Zain believes that today’s innovators are tomorrow’s differentiators

Roland Berger | Knowledge Partner

Roland Berger is a leading management and strategy consultancy firm with global and regional footprints. Its entrepreneurial spirit has shaped its growth and fueled its outstanding achievements since 1967.

Flat6Labs | Acceleration Partner

Flat6Labs is a regional startup accelerator program that fosters and invests in bright and passionate entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas.

3Dit Medical | Startups Track

Passionate about creative thought and development in 3D printing technologies and its alignment to the medical field, we provide innovative 3D printing medical solutions through customized products.

AT-HOME-DOC | Startups Track

Get better and stay better at the comfort of your home.

BeamBot SAL | Startups Track

BeamBot is an intelligent video analytics platform that collects real time video data and transforms it to actionable insights.

Carbon Mobile GmbH | Startups Track

Accelerating The Adoption Of Advanced Materials In Personal Electronics.

Dalooni | Startups Track

We monetize word of mouth

Fruits360 | Startups Track

Decision Making is a Piece of fruit

Gradsgate | Startups Track

Alumni Management Software

Hakawatyy (Telp) | Startups Track

Hakawatyy, interactive online storytelling sessions

Hayatech | Startups Track

Fostering an ecosystem around wellness

Himitso | Startups Track

Himitso specialized in providing Imagination Building System

Iris Technologies | Startups Track

We help beekeeper recognize beehives' harmful event using our SmartBee devices

Mruna | Startups Track

BiomWeb - Nature-Based Sanitation Infrastructure

paynas | Startups Track

We unlock the resources SMEs need to grow, improving the day-to-day operations of businesses and lives of employees.

PointCheckout | Startups Track

Pay with your loyalty points anywhere

Pravica | Startups Track

A unified communication suite, meets the WEB 3.0 standards and utilizes Blockchain technology to empowering user's privacy and security.

Singularity Computing | Startups Track

The Engineering Intelligence Platform

Soul Artists | Startups Track

The Worlds Artist Platform

sysGravity | Startups Track

Converged Endpoint Controller for Modern workforce

Tawazon | Startups Track

The first meditation and mindfulness app in Arabic

Trella | Startups Track

Making trucking more efficient, reliable & convenient. Truck with Trella.

TULPAR | Startups Track

BUYAN Self-Sealing Composite Coating Saving The Environment by Preventing Fuel Leakage.

Aounak | Ideas Track

Aounak company for online services

BLOCKSupplAI | Ideas Track

Next Reality of Supply Chain Management with Blockchain and AI

Bots Factory | Ideas Track

Banki, taking complexity out of mobile banking

Decapolis | Ideas Track

Your trusted platform for guaranteed food quality worldwide

Devyzer | Ideas Track

Your smart development assistant

Draw It | Ideas Track

A tool to understand child psychology

Firnas Aero | Ideas Track

Providing Drone as a Service to Industrial complexes

Ghallah | Ideas Track

A management system for date farms

Herodot Studio (Historio) | Ideas Track

A Gaming Studio for History.

Honey Flow Africa | Ideas Track

Honey Flow Africa digitizes beekeeping using AI and IoT

INFRASTIC | Ideas Track

The new face of Sustainable Construction in the Middle East

Morta | Ideas Track

A project management automation platform, connecting the construction industry.

MyelinS | Ideas Track

Software company for space robotics and exploration

RafiQ | Ideas Track

Arabic virtual assistant that understands voice commands in user's local dialect with localized experience

Revotonix | Ideas Track

Buidling the new generation of social

Uvera | Ideas Track

Long-lasting Fresh Food

Aya Animations | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Values-based Edutainment for Kids

Baramoda | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Producing customized organic fertilizers based on the soil type, crop needs, and the goal of cultivation.

Beanboat | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Rethinking coffee

Blatt Boutique | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Sustainable tiles and building products

CSB-SHOP (creative space) | Social Entrepreneurship Track

A platform for socially conscious brands

EAZYTRON | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Making technical solutions for people with disabilities to react with technology.

Entaleq | Social Entrepreneurship Track

No Barriers

FlowLess | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Smart Water Solutions

Green WATECH | Social Entrepreneurship Track

LOW COST, ECOLOGICAL & SUSTAINABLE solution to sanitation service for non-sewered without access to sanitation service.

Jaleesa | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Jaleesa: Connecting the parents with trained and trusted babysitters anytime anywhere

Kashat | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Financial Inclusion App offering Nano loans to help the unbanked cultivate a financial identity

PraxiLabs | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Experience A Virtual World Of Science Education

ReBootKamp (RBK) | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Hacking a better future

Robotna | Social Entrepreneurship Track

Building Generation that will change the world

Sadeq | Social Entrepreneurship Track

First Arabic assistance for parents

SYAG | Social Entrepreneurship Track

For the Youth, By the Youth