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12th AUTOSAR Open Conference

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Lorenz Slansky

Steering Committee Member of AUTOSAR

Kenji Hontani

Steering Committee Member of AUTOSAR

Bernd Wenzel

Senior Technical Consultant | ASAM

Ulrich Freund

| Bosch

Masaki Gondo


Parvatikar Sandeep

[WG-IVC] In-Vehicle COM | Bosch

Mohammed Faizanulla Azeez

Lead ESW Research Engineer | Volvo Group

Benjamin Engel

Global Technology Manager | ASAM

Udo Neitzel

Security Engineer | ITK Engineering

Mario Driussi

| V2C2

Mareike Wulff

Head of Business Administration AUTOSAR

Rinat Asmus

Chairperson of AUTOSAR | BMW

Dr. Ahmed Majeed Khan

[WG-IVC] In-Vehicle COM | Siemens

Tobias Kühnel

Solution Architect | Luxoft

John Gonzaga

Project Lead Member of AUTOSAR | General Motors

Philip Rehkop

Professional Services Engineer | INCHRON AG

Jan Hegewald

Technical Manager Classic Platform of AUTOSAR | Car.SW Org.

Michael Niklas-Höret

Steering Committee Member of AUTOSAR | Continental

Günter Reichart

Spokesperson of AUTOSAR

Prathap Venugopal

Senior Researcher, ECS Architectures | GM R&D

Hyrum Wright

Software Engineer | Google

Stefan Kuntz

[WG-RES] Resources | Continental

Zhe Jing

Systems Engineering Region CN (M/NER-CN) | Bosch

Jennifer Neumüller

Project Lead Member of AUTOSAR | Denso


SW Architect | Renault

Oliver Garnatz

[WG-A] Architecture | Vector Informatik

Manfred Zajicek

Project Lead Member of AUTOSAR | BMW

Chris Tapp

Keylevel Consultants Limited

Kulandaivelu Shanmugam

V2V and V2I Communication over Adaptive Autosar Platform | Bosch

Robert Sakretz

Member of AUTOSAR Methodology and Templates | Mercedes-Benz AG

Stuart Mitchell

[WG-AP-EMO] Execution Management & OS | ETAS

Moritz Neukirchner

[WG-A] Architecture | Elektrobit

Rudolf Dienstbeck

System Engineer | Lauterbach Engineering GmbH & Co KG

Nadym Salem

AUTOSAR Technical Manager Adaptive Platform | Car.SW Org.

Martin Lunt

Project Lead Member of AUTOSAR | Bosch

Claus Stellwag

[WG-A] Architecture | Elektrobit

Fabian Bronner

[WG-AP-DI] Demonstrator Integration | dSpace

Matthias Beckert

Expert, Vehicle Infrastructure | Elektrobit

Dr. Ahmed Majeed Khan

[WG-IVC] In-Vehicle COM | Siemens

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The Automotive Software Standard AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a worldwide development partnership of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and companies from the automotive electronics, semiconductor and software industry.

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Tutorial for Hopin

Find out more on Hopin and how to use the Platform to your best Advantage.

AUTOSAR General Information

Learn more about specific AUTOSAR goals, our mission & vision, future challenges in mobility and how to overcome those with a unique approach.

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WG-SAF (Functional Safety)

Cross Standard Lead Working Group

WG-MT (Methodology & Templates)

Cross Standard Lead Working Group

WG-A (Architecture Team)

Cross Standard Lead Working Group

WG-AP-PER (Adaptive Platform, Persistency)

Adaptive Platform Working Group