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Meet We Work Remotely, the world's largest remote work community that used Hopin for its first ever virtual jobs fair

Meet We Work Remotely, the world's largest remote work community that used Hopin for its first ever virtual jobs fair

A Truly Remote Event

We Work Remotely was founded in 2013, and since then has quickly grown to become the world’s largest community of remote workers and remote companies. Relied upon by digital nomads all over the world, the team at WWR pride themselves on landing qualified candidates their dream job, no matter where in the world they’re based.

Before 2021, however, this giant job board for remote workers had never actually hosted a virtual job fair due to a lack of suitable tools. As Justine Shu, Product Manager at We Work Remotely, explains "The idea of throwing a Job Fair on Zoom, for example, just seemed like a logistical nightmare for us to plan".

In the midst of the pandemic, WWR decided the time was right to try virtual. So they began searching for a platform that could handle their unique needs.

The goal of WWR's first job fair was to provide networking opportunities, offer helpful advice for job seekers on how to land a job at a quality remote company, and to introduce potential candidates to companies that were hiring.

“We chose Hopin because it allowed us to focus on our intentions behind the event, which was to connect people with the best remote companies in the world, without being distracted by the planning process. The platform [Hopin] answered the how so that we could really focus on the what and the why of the event” – Justine Shu.

Justine and her team were happy to see their decision to go virtual quickly pay off. The job fair sold out in only five days, and they actually ended up doubling the amount of tickets available to cope with the demand.

WWR's customers also got behind the event, with employers like GitLab, Automattic, Aha, and Shogun registering for booths at the job fair.


"I think the demand was always there and a platform like Hopin just allowed the event to happen that much easier because of the brand recognition and because of other fantastic events that have also happened on Hopin in the past."

Justine Shu.
Product Manager.

Making Quality Connections

On the day, the job fair ran from 6am to 9pm to facilitate the needs of job seekers across all time zones.

Through clever use of Hopin's features, employers and WWR were able to create a holistic, engaging event experience for attendees.

Using the Sessions feature, employers hosted intimate 30–45-minute presentations for attendees. In these presentations, representatives talked about their companies, and how prospective candidates could go about landing a job.

The Multi Speaker functionality of Hopin also allowed for roundtable discussions, and speakers kept things interactive with Q&As and Polls.

“The companies who were presenting sessions could, at the end of their session, say, 'Hey, sorry we’re out of time for questions, but meet us in our job booth and we can continue the conversation there'. So, there was some great synchronicity between the features, and it actually felt like a physical event” – Justine Shu.
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We Work Remotely’s Favorite Hopin Features

These were the features used by WWR to make the virtual job fair a success:

  • Sessions – WWR hosted intimate presentations and roundtables for job seekers with a range of different speakers using Sessions.
  • Expo – This features was the heart of the job fair, with each employer getting their own virtual booth to upload content and host sessions in. They also had team members on hand so that job seekers could ask questions and register interest.
  • Networking - Using Hopin's one-on-one and group video networking features, WWR hosted a fun 'speed networking' session at the end of the day to ensure attendees had a chance to connect with each other as well as employers.
  • Customization – We Work Remotely took full advantage of the customization features of Hopin to make sure its own logos, color schemes and TOV were represented throughout. Employers also enjoyed the customizability of their Expo booths, allowing them to offer job seekers an on-brand experience.
  • Analytics – Hopin's analytics and reporting tools were vital for evaluating the success of the event. They were especially useful for proving ROI to customers and justifying future virtual jobs fairs to key stakeholders within WWR.

"The fact that attendees didn't contact us at all during the event about how to navigate the job fair showed us that Hopin is super user-friendly."

Justine Shu.
Product Manager.

A New Virtual Reality for Job Seekers

Having made their first foray into virtual, the team at We Work Remotely were thrilled to see a great reception amongst attendees and employers alike.

The NPS for attendees was an impressive 8.3, and We Work Remotely saw this reflected in plenty of buzz on social media to the jobs fair both during and after the event.

Post-event follow ups with employers revealed similar enthusiasm, with WWR's customers really appreciative of the effort Justine and her team had put in to showcase their companies as brilliant remote employers.

After the success of their first fully virtual jobs fair, We Work Remotely plans to make virtual events a large part of the organization's future strategy.

“Being that We Work Remotely is a job board with a large community, it just makes sense that we need to be hosting more of these in general. And it really aligns with our mission of making remote jobs accessible for everyone, and making sure people can find them. So we definitely plan on hosting more virtual job fairs in the future” – Justine Shu.


Average attendee NPS


Expo booth interactions


Of attendees enjoyed the platform

5 Days

For all tickets to sell out

"We definitely plan on hosting more virtual job fairs in the future. Our first event on Hopin confirmed that the demand is there and that the platform's tools and features are also there to help us keep improving."

Justine Shu.
Product Manager.

Lots of virtual audience buzz

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