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How 100,000+ women in tech from around the world connected on Hopin

About WomenTech Global Conference 2020

The WomenTech Global Conference 2020 provides women with more knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities through an active and vast network of peers and job and mentorship opportunities. The event also connects professionals with companies that recognize the power of diversity and are committed to closing the gender gap in tech.


To reach their goal of connecting 100,000 women in tech around the world, the WomenTech Global Conference 2020 needed an online event platform that could manage the high volume of international attendees while providing personal networking opportunities over three days.


WomenTech Global Conference had 300+ of the most accomplished women in tech — like technologists and scientists and leaders at Amazon, Facebook, Google, harvard, and IBM — speak at their online event.

Our 100,000+ visitors were all brought together by the desire to unite women in tech.
Anna Radulovski
Аounder and CEO of WomenTech Network

Approximately six keynotes and breakout sessions took place simultaneously throughout the conference, giving attendees numerous learning options to choose from. The talks covered a breadth of topics, including industry trends, soft skills, and tech skills.

There was even a Career Expo with 12 innovative companies and startups taking part. Many of these companies created booths, networking areas, and/or info sessions on the main stage.

To attract an even larger number of visitors, WomenTech Global Conference paired Hopin and the multi-streaming software Restream to broadcast the main stage across various channels, websites, and partner platforms.



The virtual event reached an audience of 140,410 users, earned 651,600 content views, and had up to 15,100 concurrent visitors across all of the channels.

Participants scored the event at 9.6 out of 10. On social media, the event posts earned 555,000 impressions on LinkedIn, 1,140,000 impressions on Twitter, and a reach of 350,100 on Facebook.

Total unique Attendees
Content views
Concurrent visitors
9.6 / 10
Participants score

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