How SaaStock “set the gold standard” of online events with Hopin

About SaaStock

SaaStock is a community of founders, executives, and investors in the Software as a Service (SaaS) space. Their mission is to help SaaS companies gain traction, grow, and scale. They host regular conferences to bring leaders of SaaS companies together to learn.


In 2020, SaaStock needed to move their in-person events online. Shifting to a new online format presented many challenges for the team. One of the biggest problems was finding an online event platform that would capture and mirror the feel of the acclaimed SaaStock physical conferences.


WomenTech Global Conference had 300+ of the most accomplished women in tech — like technologists and scientists and leaders at Amazon, Facebook, Google, harvard, and IBM — speak at their online event.

With Hopin, SaaStock created an online event with a main stage, breakout sessions, an expo, and networking events. On the main stage, speakers like David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH, Co-Founder and CTO of Basecamp), David Darmanin (CEO of Hotjar), and Tricia Gellman (CMO of Drift) wowed attendees.


SaaStock’s main stage was produced by an Irish event production company called Catapult, adding a polished, high-quality aesthetic to the main stage productions using RTMP..

For example, during the breaks in between sessions, a live DJ performed on stage. This was a huge hit with attendees.


SaaStock even had book clubs and interactive quizzes at the event, which caught the attention of many participants.


SaaStock had over 2,500 attendees, who made 1,997 one-on-one connections at the event. The average attendee engaged for over 6.5 hours at the two-day event.

One attendee even said that SaaStock remote “set the gold standard for online conferences.”

It was very clear from the outset that Hopin was the sophisticated and high quality solution we needed to best capture and replicate the SaaStock live event experience online. The team is great to work with and are always quick to take our feedback and make changes to the platform that will enhance the journey of our attendees, speakers, and sponsors alike.
Joe Byrne
Global Head of Event Operations for SaaStock

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