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How HackerX successfully pivoted its recruiting events to online

About HackerX

HackerX is the world’s largest invite-only networking and recruiting event for developers. Based in Silicon Valley, the HackerX developer community reaches over 100,000 individuals. Every year, the organization hosts over 300 recruiting events in more than 150 cities around the world, connecting talent to some of the worlds leading technology companies, including Uber, Apple, Salesforce, Tesla, and more.


HackerX needed a way to bring online the benefits of the in-person conversations between job seekers and employers at their recruiting events. The organization was missing an effective way to connect people one-on-one and face-to-face in a meaningful conversation at a virtual event.


"The networking feature in Hopin was something that stood out and that no other product on the market offered," said William Hsu, cofounder of HackerX. "It enabled us to more closely replicate our physical events online and matched attendees to network and meet."


We achieved higher turn out rates and more connections made compared to our physical events.
William Hsu
co-founder of HackerX

The HackerX signature networking events transitioned seamlessly to virtual. Dozens of companies engage in face-to-face rapid-interviews, resulting in higher turn out rates and more connections made compared to our physical events, notes Hsu. In fact, HackerX is launching a new brand of their business that is built entirely on Hopin with 50+ recruiting summits happening per year.

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