How Celonis increased their attendance rate by 50% with Hopin

Celonis is a process mining technology platform that helps companies remove friction from business processes and improve execution.


Celonis ran their Celosphere Live 2020 virtual event without a virtual event platform. “We stitched together a few different tools,” said Nick Bhutani, Senior Director of Marketing Operations at Celonis.

Bhutani said this wasn’t an ideal solution, because it was difficult to track results and gather analytics for events. Plus, Celonis was forced to find ways to integrate multiple tools for Celosphere Live 2020 — like a chat system that was separate from the main event content.

So they made the decision to move to a virtual event platform.


After evaluating 14 different vendors, Bhutani and Celonis chose Hopin. “The look and feel of Hopin won our executives over,” says Bhutani. “A lot of the event platforms that were designed even two or three years ago are somewhat dated looking and they weren't as flexible as Hopin.”

While the look and feel was important for Celonis leadership, Bhutani chose Hopin for its analytic features. “Everything was trackable and that's what I loved about [Hopin],” says Bhutani. “We were able to tie every single interaction to an account. We could tie to an opportunity in Salesforce. We could provide that to the sales rep.” 

Celonis hosted 8 different events on Hopin — including the Celonis World Tour. The 2020 Celonis World Tour was a series of roadshow events for seven different regions across the world — including Japan, France, Latin America and Iberia, Dutchland, and more. 

Each regional event of the world tour was hosted in the native language of that area. This meant that the Celonis team had to create event experiences in six different languages within Hopin — English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Japanese.

Hopin supports all of these languages within the platform and allows event organizers to change the display language of their event. This enabled Celonis to create unique, accessible experiences in six different languages.

 One of the headliners for the Celonis World Tour was Magic Johnson, a former United States National Basketball Association (NBA) professional player. Bhutani explains that having Magic Johnson as a speaker drove attendance for the event and increased exposure as well.


For this event, Celonis saw a 50% higher attendance rate over prior events. “Our attendance rate was substantially higher than it was for the events last year,” says Bhutani.

On top of this, 80% of attendees engaged in video content or chats in the Expo hall during the event. “This was an unexpected high performer,” says Bhutani. And in-event chat engagement doubled compared to previous virtual events.

Hopin also enabled the Celonis sales and marketing teams to have more insights and more easily follow up with and sell leads after the event. “[Hopin] provided so many more insights, not only for the marketing team to do our analytics, but also for the sales team, so they can follow up with those prospects.”

Bhutai went on to explain that the look and feel of Hopin and its cutting-edge features added huge value and a professional appearance to the Celonis World Tour.

“Celonis wants to be a symbol of using the newest and greatest technology. And that’s one of the reasons we chose Hopin,” - Nick Bhutani, Celonis

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