The digital landscape is an ever-evolving tapestry and as we traverse this dynamic terrain, one thing becomes increasingly clear: Artificial Intelligence is not just a trend, but a powerful catalyst reshaping our world, not limited to simply text and image based generative tools, but also in the realm in which we operate — of live engagement experiences, events, and webinars.

At Hopin, we are not just observers of this revolution; we are active participants, laying the foundation for an AI-centric future in live online events and community. Our teams are buzzing with new ideas, experimenting with AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, and creating features that we believe will redefine the user experience.

Machine learning, a subset of AI, has given machines the ability to learn from data, adapt to new inputs, and make informed decisions. It's this technology that powers your Netflix recommendations, Siri's responses on your iPhone, and now, the future of live events on Hopin.

Language Models like GPT-4 are truly exciting and innovative. These Large Language Models (LLMs) models have been trained on vast amounts of data and can generate human-like text, images and video based on the input they receive. With Hopin, we think of them as virtual event assistants, capable of skills such as summarizing event highlights, creating event descriptions, and even answering attendee questions in real time.

With these technologies at our disposal, let's take a glimpse into the not-so-distant future of AI-enhanced offerings coming to the live engagement space.

AI-assisted Touch-Up and Lighting Correction

First impressions matter, especially in a live event. Our AI-assisted touch-up feature uses ML to enhance your live video feed, providing a photorealistic, airbrushed effect. Paired with our AI-driven lighting correction feature, you'll always look your best, even in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. This is just the first step towards more features that can be built on top, such as super-resolution (ability to have high quality video even on a poor network), all the way to photorealistic avatars.

Automatic Video Chapterization and Summarization

Imagine having the ability to break down a long event video into digestible chapters based on topics discussed, or generate a concise summary of a meeting without having to manually sift through the content. This is where our Chapterization and Summarization features come in, leveraging the power of AI and LLMs. Not just summarization but even intelligent nudges proactively to outline suggested agendas, context and maybe even help keep the meeting on track in real-time if it veers off topic. Similar work is being done in contextual prompting in systems like Google Sidekick.

Advanced Media Generation (for Virtual Backgrounds and More)

Session is the most *visually* customizable video platform on the market and now we're adding AI to make it even easier. 

Ever wished for an on-demand backdrop that captures your mood or the theme of your meeting? Or perhaps a soothing tune that sets the right ambiance while you wait for an event to kick off? With our AI-based media generator, that's precisely what you get.

All you need to do is describe your ideal setting or sound, and our smart system springs into action, creating a tailored virtual experience just for you.  Imagine talking about the beach, and suddenly, your background morphs into a sunny coastline. Or perhaps you're discussing an upcoming jazz festival, and your audio backdrop subtly shifts to a soft saxophone melody. Our generator can create contextual, dynamic experiences that adapt to your conversation, adding an immersive dimension to your digital interactions. 

You can check out the “Generate your own virtual background” feature now live at Hopin Session.

AI-assisted Event Descriptions

Crafting engaging and informative event descriptions can be time-consuming. But what if AI could lighten the load? AI-assisted event descriptions feature harnesses the power of LLMs to to automatically generate captivating event marketing content, including event descriptions, agendas and more.

Not only does this save time, but it also ensures your event descriptions are optimized for relevance and engagement. This feature could let you analyze the event’s theme, target audience, and unique selling points, then use this information to create a compelling narrative that resonates with potential attendees.

For example, below are two AI generated sessions along with their descriptions.

With this AI-powered tool, event planning becomes less about administrative tasks and more about creating unforgettable experiences. Your creativity and the AI’s efficiency work in harmony, resulting in events that captivate and inspire.

Seamless Supercharged Production

We’re exploring one of the fundamental areas where AI is set to make significant strides: automating host controls. Imagine having an AI tool that can moderate the chat during a live event, showcase the most relevant messages, and automatically block disruptive participants. 

In the heat of an ongoing event, it can be challenging for presenters to keep track of time. But an AI assistant can step in here too, providing timely reminders to ensure your presentation doesn't overextend its slot. This leads to smoother transitions between segments and presenters, making your event run like clockwork.

Furthermore, fairly soon AI will help tailor your event production in real time. As it learns from user interactions, your AI assistant can perform critical actions during your live event, including: 

  • Adjust chat priorities and Q&A filters 
  • Analyze responses in real time
  • Highlight the most insightful questions for Q&As
  • Suggest the best moments for polls or interactive sessions.
  • Provide suggested actions based on live analytics to increase audience participation 

By handling the administrative and logistical details, AI allows hosts to focus more on the content and delivery of the event, creating a more impactful and memorable experience for attendees.


This is just the beginning…

At Hopin, we're committed to bringing these AI applications to life, making event production more efficient, immersive, and engaging than ever before. The future of events and webinars is here, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with our customers and community to pioneer this exciting journey. 

Stay tuned for more updates on our AI-centric offerings, as we continue to revolutionize the way we connect, communicate, and share knowledge in the digital world.

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