Since StreamYard started 4 years ago, our goal has always been to make content creation more accessible. Whether you’re a YouTuber, or doing marketing at a Fortune 500 company, you should have simple tools to create professional and engaging content.

We started with social live streaming, and customers told us that StreamYard’s studio made their streams fun, easy, and professional. But folks quickly started asking to use StreamYard for more than just social streaming – they wanted to stream directly to their own audiences using the same engaging features (highlighting comments, custom branding, video clips etc.). Some customers solved this by embedding social streams on their website for webinar-like experiences. We wanted to help them go deeper, so now we’re launching a feature to support them in a much bigger way: On-Air Webinars.

StreamYard On-Air allows customers to use the same simple, powerful tools in the StreamYard studio to make beautifully branded webinars. Webinar products today are generally some combination of complex, unreliable, and/or inflexible. Webinar-users deserve a solution that’s as stable and accessible as platforms like YouTube Live, but with the branding and flexibility to make webinars special enough to match their awesome brands. That’s exactly what we set out to create with StreamYard On-Air. In On-Air’s first version, you can expect

  • Embedding
  • Simple registration and landing pages
  • High quality video whether you’re streaming to 100 people, or 100,000 people
  • No downloads and great performance for viewers on any device

Like every StreamYard feature, this is just the start and we will continue iterating based on customer feedback. I’m excited to continue our journey and not just be the easiest way to create professional live streams, but the easiest way to create professional content.

Learn more about StreamYard On-Air on StreamYard's website.