VenuIQ’s attendee tracking technology gives organisers unparalleled insight into their event whilst being totally unobtrusive to attendees. It’s also 100% sustainable for organisers with our Bluetooth beacon devices being reusable for multiple events over many years.

In a post-pandemic world, organisers of virtual events have enjoyed data insights into their events that were previously impossible. More so, exhibitors and delegates now expect this level of insight as a minimum to prove both ROI and to justify travel and time for in-person events. For example, who attended, who went where at the event, how long people spent in sessions or with exhibitors. And behind that, is the rich demographic data of those attendees, for example who, job level, function, country.

VenuIQ is the tracking solution that gives you all the data of a virtual event at a physical event. Plus we provide a killer insight report for you post-event.

VenuIQ’s solution should be the absolute perfect fit for a Hopin customers. Hopin’s customers are used to awesome virtual experiences with amazing reporting data on attendee activity within the platform. VenuIQ is the only experienced and proven in-person tracking provider that provides the same level of data insight at in person events.

The VenuIQ solution sweet spot tends to be Content led events such as Association or Corporate events.

VenuIQ also have a fantastic support team with super quick responsiveness and unparalleled experience and a white-glove service throughout.