EON specialise in events, offering tech support and strategy planning for virtual, hybrid and in-person events.

Many organisations are gradually adapting to the digital event space. Having adopted Hopin as the main event platform since Feb 2020, we are the UK authority in virtual events on Hopin, helping clients ease out of their 'digital discomfort' and ease them into the digital event space, building their confidence, ability and skills, delivering fantastic events.

Leading the global event industry to a more sustainable future, the EON team empower organisations to embrace virtual and hybrid events. Our core values are TRUST, EXPERTISE and COLLABORATION, we also strive for less waste, less environmental impact, greater reach, more inclusivity and delivering fantastic value for money.

As we gradually phase the return of in-person events, we will continue to support our clients with hybrid events, embracing technology to enrich the engagement, the experience and extend the reach.